One of the most memorable Christmas days in my life.

Tom Hoover bio photo By Tom Hoover

We’ve completed what has to be one of the most memorable, although unusual, Christmas days in my life. Our festivities normally start on Christmas Eve, but this year it didn’t feel like Christmas Eve because Kady was in the hospital. It snowed on Christmas Eve—never done that before. Christmas day festivities would normally start at the crack of dawn, but the family wouldn’t be complete until Kady’s arrival at 1000. Kady had to return to the hospital at 1800, so our time was limited. However…

Christmas was a wonderful day, and I have so much for which to be thankful. My wife, kids and grandkids were here. Bridgett’s mom, Linda Woodall, was here. It was Riddick’s first Christmas. We had way too much food, and way too many presents. Although I love food (no kiddin’) and presents, none of that mattered to me—I just looked at how the Lord has blessed me with such a wonderful family. Even though our family time this year was more limited than normal, I treasured it more than normal. I know I don’t say it, nor show it enough, but I love my Lord and I love my family!